what i wish i knew AFTER failing for 1 year in forex trading

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Find out the biggest forex trading lessons I've learned and the painful mistakes I've made — so you can profit from my experience without costing you a cent! I failed at trading forex for 1.5 years and I lost over $10,000 trading forex and blown over 10 forex accounts. Here's what i have learnt from failing in forex trading for 1 year. I hope that you can treat my mistakes as your lessons so you do not commit the same mistakes and actually become a profitable trader faster than I did :)

0:00 Why this video is the MOST IMPORTANT Trading video
0:36 Secret 1: The Key to SUCCESS in Trading
3:34 Secret 2: You will NOT become PROFITABLE, if you ignore this...
6:32 Secret 3: How to Master Trading FAST

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